Perhaps one of pop's most anticipated single releases in pop is "No ID" by Frankmusik and Colette Carr and I have to say myself, it's probably the most infectious pop record of 2011 – bringing together two rising talents of immeasurable talent.

I caught up with Colette Carr to talk about her experience with working with Frankmusik on the track and this is what the "Primo" songstress had to say:

"Frank and I needed some experimental inspiration so we decided to remix a song that I initially made with Space Cowboy called "NO ID." Frank took the melody and beat in a whole different direction. There is always insane creative vibes when we are in the studio together, we never know what we will come up with, and we feed off the energy of the unknown. The duet is a perfect example of what happens when you are in a studio with a friend, just messing around with a piano and a remix. It's always so much fun working with Mr. Musik."

Although Frankmusik is very busy getting ready for the Erasure tour (which kicks off August 31st in Tampa), he was kind enough to give us this quote about working with Colette Carr on "No ID"; 

"It was amazing working with Colette and transforming the original rap style into a sung song!  I'm very proud of how this collaboration works so well."

To hear an album mashup of Frankmusik's new album "Do It In The AM" just click on play below and to hear "No ID" click here.  If you missed our exclusive Cherrytree London's sound check footage of "No ID" you can get caught up on that right here.

"No ID" is released on September 27th.