Frank Ocean may have taken a few hard hits in his life, but he has
been spinning them out ever since. While many musical artists enjoy
claiming that before their fame they were just a regular guy, Frank
Ocean’s history lends this claim truth as he grew up in New Orleans,
Louisiana where he first got his start as a musician. Since then, his
fame and style have gained massive publicity. If you're thinking about
buying Frank Ocean tickets, make sure you buy them early. 

his youth, he grew up listening to the jazz tunes of his community and
earned his studio time by taking on jobs such as washing cars and
walking dogs. His hard work has paid off as he has now become one of the
top upcoming musicians on the hip-hop scene.

Personal Life
Frank Ocean began his life as Christopher Breaux, but he changed his
name to Frank Ocean as he began to emerge as an artist in the music
scene. Although he spent much of his life in Louisiana, he was born in
California and returned following Hurricane Katrina when his recording
studio was flooded and looted. While he has had his scrapes with the
law, Frank Ocean is best known for his honesty about his homosexuality
which has been lauded by many of the top musical artists in the hip-hop

Early Career
While Frank Ocean has only recently begun to make his mark by
spinning out his own albums, his influence can be found in works by
artists such as Brandy and Justin Bieber whose songs he wrote as a
ghostwriter. Frank Ocean has admitted that this work offered him a
comfortable living, but it did not provide him with the outlet that he
had moved away from Louisiana and out to California to find.

Determined to find his place in the music scene,
Frank Ocean began to network and eventually found a connection with the
hip-hop collective that most people refer to as Odd Future. There, his
friendship with the Odd Future creator, Tyler, led him sign a solo
contract with Def Jam Recordings.

Current Career
In 2011, Frank Ocean released his first mix-tape recording entitled,
Nostalgia, Ultra. While it was met with mixed critical acclaim, it has
been described as having offered a subtle sense of sentimentality to the
R&B scene. His relationship with Odd Future has also led him to
star in Tyler’s music video for “She,” and has also enabled him to
collaborate with Odd Future during performances at the Coachella Valley
Music and Arts Festival in 2011.

He is now currently touring as
an opening act for Coldplay. Frank Ocean tickets are guaranteed to offer
his fans an eye-opening view of his soulful sound and honest lyrics
that push the boundaries of tradition by hovering between song and
speech. Frank Ocean is only beginning to emerge on the musical scene by
pairing his talents with other proven artists. Although he could have
remained a ghostwriter, his voice is too strong to be hidden in the
shadows. Ocean’s style is a dramatic mixture of nostalgia and sentimentality that is mixed with the hard-earned edges of a life lived on the streets.