So this new music application is launching on April 15th in the UK and it's called mflow and EQ has been asked to endorse it…

Like Spotify – which I'm not really into if I'm being 100% honest, I was a little bit suspicious about the whole thing.  But after a little bit of a play with it last week, I've been finding myself spending quite a few hours playing around with it listening to my followers recommended tracks for me and picking out tracks that I would like to recommend to my followers.

It's basically Twitter for iTunes, except that it's not iTunes.  

Here are the cool bits.

1.  You can buy legal music on it and listen to the tracks in full that your followers recommend to you.

2.  You can comment on tracks that you would like to recommend to people – like Twitter.

3.  If people buy your recommended tracks – you get 20% of the purchase price credited to your mflow account – which means if people buy 5 of your recommended tracks, you basically get 1 free download.

4.  It's kinda fun.

So basically it boils down to this – you get rewarded for your music recommendations which is something that I think is extraordinary – it's something that iTunes have never done for me despite the hundreds of pounds I've spent there.

So there you go – if you'd like to join mflow and be an early adopter, you can try it out (it takes about 5 mins to get used to) – go to and enter EQ's invite code which is below in which you'll automagically start following EQ once registered.  It's a UK only thing right now which is the only thing that really sucks in my opinion…

EQ Invite Code: eq358x

Or if this whole thing sounds like a palava and you don't really like paying for music you can always get a shitload of free legal downloads over at EQ Trax. But seriously, I think mflow is worth your time.