Photo by Paul Scala

Florrie has been keeping us bemused for awhile now as someone to seriously watch out for.

I myself have been falling in like with her tracks like "Call 911" and "Panic Attack" and today sees the songstress releasing two more tracks via the web – one of which you can listen to and download here on EQ called "Give Me Your Love".  The other new track (which we are told will be an amazing Xenomaina pop morsel) will be released today on www.florrie.com and www.twitter.com/florriemusic – so make sure you start following!

In terms of Florrie's music, we are told that it's gonna be a bit more organic than the Fred Falke mixes you've heard thus far and by the sounds of "Give Me Your Love", that most certainly rings true.  We also heard that Florrie has recorded a duet with Annie. Cannot wait to hear how that turned out!