Shedding her pop/rock past and nurturing a new, better suiting, electropop sound, Canadian songstress Vita Chambers is getting back into the swing of her recording career after joining Justin Bieber as one of his opening acts on his My World Tour. Her new single “Fix You” is a departure from the material featured on her 2010 EP The Get Go and its single “Young Money”. A new pop queen is emerging.

With an intro similar to any other up-tempo dance/pop ballad on the charts right now, “Fix You” becomes something rather extraordinary and heartbreaking 30 seconds in. Listeners are able to experience the impressive vocal range of Chambers and every other song automatically seems obsolete. “God I wish you’ll let me in, I’ve forgiven all your sins“, the artist sings just before the climatic chorus and dance floor-ready breakdown hit.

The song is a raw, emotional plea to the one she loves. Maybe the accompanying video will put that into perspective. Some artists fear reinvention, but I think it is what the artist really needed to see her career take off after experiencing somewhat of a lukewarm start. She has the pipes of a pop star and “Fix You” is a refreshing addition to the over-crowded world of Top 40 pop music.