The alt-electronic duo Tachys is celebrating the release of their track “Boy” today. Before we get into the song, we should first learn more about them. Whereas their project will be relatively new to many, band members Tobias Wilner and Jonas Bjerre have a wealth of musicianship and experience between them. Both musicians are well respected in Danish music circles and have achieved wider commercial success in the bands Blue Foundation (Tobias) and Apparatjik and Mew (Jonas). These bands are each considered boundary-pushing and employ experimental aesthetics, as those familiar with them will already know. With the above in mind, we’ve, therefore, gained somewhat of an inkling in terms of the musical styling of the latest Tachys offering, “Boy“.

Now let us dive into the track proper, where the press release informs,

“The song tells the story of a young man who is hiding away in a dark tunnel, because he is too beautiful for the world to behold. Kept in the grips of his own narcissism, his ego and desire are at odds with his sense of morality and feelings of guilt”.

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Yet, throughout the track, the underlying theme is self-discovery and facing the truth about who we are.

As the band further explains,

“Each of us has multiple sides to ourselves, and “Boy” is about the fear of acknowledging darker aspects of our personality, and letting go of the illusions we build for ourselves, the characters we end up pretending to be.”

As the song, continues to develop its alt-electronic soundscape, Tachys further transports the listener into their own sonic universe. Noticeably, the track’s diversity is a testament to both duo members’ individual influences and elements combining to create their unique sound. When “Boy,” hits its stride. Moreover, it is a pulsing, downtempo electronic track produced with notable precision and avant-garde sensibility. Its darkly alluring presence represents the unique personality of this band. Further strengthening their position at the forefront of the electronic music scene.

Tachys inhabit their own beautifully dark, beguiling corner of the musical universe. They offer something a little off-kilter but in no way less than utterly captivating.

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