Shareen 2Pop newcomer Shareen sure knows how to make a vibrant entrance as she’s pouring out the playful grooves and jamming down the dance pop goodness with a peppy dynamic colourwash, in presenting her debut “Fire (Set This World)”.

Beneath the vivid exterior, NY Long Island native Shareen illuminates her own personal story through the lyrics, detailing her hopes, dreams and desires to cut her own ground on the pop map – an easily identifiable scenario and shared message of so many of us.

Shareen arrives at this point via graduating in fashion and training up as a dancer and musician, so yes her vision is clear from the offset and it is indeed zingy!

Fire (Set This World)” serves as an impressive introduction, it embodies so much spirit whilst also providing a punch kick of identity and realism, setting itself apart from the typified slew of formulated dance readied pop ditties, in general.

Bright, fun and noticeable, Shareen is headed on her way to the dance floors with gusto!