Befitting of rising and noteworthy new talent, there is a majestically striding fanfare of intro into the tingly alternative pop gem of “Find You” by Suvi Richter.

Originally of Finnish origin but now based out of Stockholm, Sweden, Scandinavian songstress Suvi is brought to our attention by a scintillatingly icily dramatic pop vision, heavily derived of a propulsive force of jutting pendulum swinging percussion set off against a richly dramatic depth of sweeping orchestral arrangement.

Suvi herself presents a delicately diaphanous painted vocal tone of heartfelt repose amongst all the theatrically played melody, which she manages to reside over gliding regally to centre stage as if imperially transported there by a heaven sent force of otherworldly supremacy.

From it’s Rocky Balboa fitting entrance of intro, Suvi practically knocks spots off the alternative pop genre with the glisteningly pristine and refined production of “Find You”.

What’s more I consider that Suvi is really onto something of the vast greater goodness as a left-of-field player of pop.