You know, I always thought the concept of West End Girls was a bit shit to be honest.  I mean yeah, of course I love the odd cover song here and there.  Nu-retro is cool.  But to devote your whole musical existence to another group (ie: Pet Shop Boys) just kinda doesn't sit well with me.  Dunno.  I guess I like a bit of originality every once in awhile in this Pop Idol, X Factor, "Make Me A Star By Doing Glorified Karaoke" generation we live in.

So naturally I avoided West End Girls from Sweden like the plague.  I heard a few of their songs here and there didn't bat an eyelid when some people raved about them  But then I ran across their video to "Domino Dancing" yesterday and thought "Hold up – that's rather brilliant". "Domino Dancing" also happens to be my favourite PSB song of all time as well and despite my immediate distaste for West End Girls, I can now say that, yes – I give a shit about them.

So watch the video to "Domino Dancing" and make your own mind up.  You'll either love them or hate them.  But regardless, it's loads better than that boring Same Difference "We Are One" High School Musical wannabee BSness by miles.  I guess I'd rather have cool cover versions than bland cash cow pop anyday.  You know I have my Sky + box programmed to watch Britannia High tonight don't you. Cheeky.

And fuck me!  Is that Andreas from Alcazar in the video too?!  Sigh.  

Ok West End Girls.  You win.

And if that wasn't nutty enough for you, read this little diddy about how a crazed Paula Abdul fan committed suicide outside Paula's house.  C-R-A-Z-Y.