Echoes 1

Should your headspace be partial to the nostalgic electronic sounds of the 80’s, then you’ll be delighted to learn of emerging electronic trio Echoes, whom evocatively channel their sound echoing back to the era.

The three-piece’s first release “Fight The Feeling” comes in now 18 months since their inception when originally formed as a duo and thereupon, began putting out their skills to use as remixers, on what have since become well received re-works of Lana Del Rey and Kate Bush amongst others.

Vocalist Jon Beck and Musician Dave Fawbert now joined by vocalist Rosalee O’Connell put together a gripping anthem as their debut, tight with the resonance of Depeche Mode /New Order and presented as 80’s ideology electronica, “Fight The Feeling” also imparts a flirtatious dalliance with disco into it’s hybrid soundscape.

So rather than dig out another nostalgic compilation to get our 80’s fix, some of the best bits in essence are tumbled up into a mega fix with a contemporary outlook as “Fight The Feeling”. And as such, we have the feeling that since Echoes is a band that is able to give us a blast of the past and the future in such a fluidly seamless way makes them a band worth keeping abreast of.