Shes The Queen 2

From under the umbrella of electronic music outlet Electronic Rumors, synth popping New York duo of She’s The Queen, give out a rousing new track “Fantasy”.

Coloured in dreamwave and bubbling cosmic disco stylings by Drew Kuryloski the production brains of the outfit, front woman Emily White expands upon the illusive romanticism that comes via the fantastical toning of the track with an uplifting pop infectious delivery of soulful edged nu-disco sound.

Fantasy” is music made of exhilarating dynamics, that leap into the sensory synth spot of the mind and emit a tingle of shimmery lustre.

She’s The Queen / Electronic Rumors are gifting “Fantasy” out for FREE DOWNLOAD as part a split release teamed with label mates Let Em Riot.

A twinkly synth pop tune for FREE we say yes please and thank you.