It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Tiffany.

We all have our divas whether it be Madonna, Janet, Mariah, Jo-Lo or nowadays Robyn. But my diva will always be Tiffany. Recently Tiffany wowed an up-for-it crowd in upland California with a club appearance in which she made every hardcore fan over-the-moon by performing ‘New Inside’ – a track that got very little airplay in 1992 despite it’s colloboration with New Kids On The Block cheese Donnie Wahlberg. Tiffany also took a minute to talk about her 18 year chart return with her recent Billboard Club hit ‘Higher’ which got the remix treatment from Josh Harris and you can hear it in our ‘Music On The Verge’ section.

Take a minute to check out the performances from the Oasis club in this quality Youtubage below.

New Inside