Feast your eyes and ears on the brand new video “Glow” by SIRPAUL.

“Glow” is quite simply a modern pop masterpiece. The coupling of the warmth visuals with the pulsating electronic pop track have come together in a spectacular HD visual through the sheer genius of director Mark Odgers who once again, hit it out of the park with this deep-yet-light, dark-but-warm music video clip.

It’s been a joy to watch SIRPAUL develop his career over the past few years. We are starting to see him rise to pop greatness with the release of “Glow” and his artistic exploration via his album “The Horse” which was one of my favorite’s of 2011.

“Glow” also comes with a fantastic EP remix package with a quite notable concoction by former EQ contributor, staffer and DJ, Prince Persona!

Glow EP - Sirpaul