swim no more 2

Before EQ premieres the new single from genre-bending artist Solomon on Tuesday, the “Life Goes On” singer has treated fans with an exclusive snippet to his impressive creation, “Swim No More“.

Incorporating a range of sounds including Japanese taiko drum, bird chirps and even killer whale noises, the lead single off Solomon‘s Le Garcon EP, out January 7, is a vast departure from the artist’s former pop-laced tunes. “Swim No More” is said to be the work of a creative high for the artist and a true representation of the amount of hard work he has been putting into his upcoming projects.

Originally crafted to detail the story of a one night stand, freestyling in the studio for six hours naturally changed the meaning to represent the anger and frustration of a former lover who just never seems to go away. “You pull me in, bring me ashore, but I can’t swim no more“, Solomon sings as his vocals and intriguing production remain a highlight of the new track.

Swim No More” is definitely a special, yet personal moment for the talented artist. Take a look at the video snippet below to tide yourself over to the official October 15 release date, when the new single will hit radio and all other music retail outlets. Trust us, this one is an honest hit!