Alex Olsen 2

Self-proclaimed dirtyboy Alex Olsen is a new name to you and me yet he has been on a pop journey over the past year, with a vision in his sights to release his own material. As a dance student turned pop junkie influenced by the music / performance presentations of artists ranging from Britney through to Aaron Carter. Seattle boy Alex is now ready to rumble out his debut pop effort through the EDM stomper “Turn On, Get Off”.

On the incoming video Alex prompts us to board the end of the working week party bus, as he delivers some dirtyboy moves that are representative of the wholly relatable lyrics depicting a Friday night / Saturday morning dirty dancing fuelled get together.

Alright, get together is a tad reserved on this! yes it is! replace with orgy.

What I am certain of “Turn On, Get Off” is as pop fruity as bunch of bananas and as electro naughty in thinking as a deeply penetrating romping bassline of salacious abandon.