Billy Cullum 2

If there is one thing I already know about emerging singer Billy Cullum it’s that he completely knows how to command a performance. Undoubtedly this stems from his theatrical background but there’s more than just that to Billy. Although, he’s trained in the arts he has the character and strength to go beyond the greasepaint and cross-over into the pop domain. A feat that really isn’t so easily managed in the main, moreover, its become more the norm for some role reversal with popstars scooping up the West End roles, like when we were technicoloured up by Jason Donovan and of course the ever dashing Will Young have both seen turns treading the boards.

Billy Cullum is now ready to move in a pop direction and boy does he have something that’s quite unique to offer to my mind, as Billy doesn’t do standard pop, he does majestic pop and excels in the ethereal format superbly well. A direction that for the most part is female gravitated in the pop sphere and been so, ever since Kate Bush brought it to prominence.

The pop debut from Billy Cullum is titled “Back To My Youth”. A song of epic otherworldly undertones and littered with soaring pop catchiness that combine to offer an engaging and one of a kind alternative anthem that is thrice pop, eclectic and classical in equal measure and equating to an enchanting listening experience with an outstanding diversified pop outlook that’s more than adequate to officially launch Billy in the queue as one of the next big thing’s waiting to happen.

Personally, I am sure it WILL happen, as I for one have become greatly absorbed into this.