swim no more 2

Following a gracious early listen and the revealing of an exclusive video snippet on Thursday, indie pop/hip-hop/and everything in between artist Solomon is allowing EQ to do the honors of premiering his brand new single, “Swim No More“, released worldwide today.

While Solomon is primarily known for his catchy, pop-laced hits “Life Goes On” and “Wit Us U Can’t“, he has currently been in the studio expanding his range and music influences by releasing material that crosses genres, never falling into a particular category.

Previously released “The Way We Were” was an emotional, personal ballad where Solomon‘s vocals stole the spotlight. For “Swim No More“, the artist lets his voice and interesting combination of production work harmoniously together. Incorporating Japanese taiko drum, bird chirps and killer whale noises, it’s safe to say the new sound is something quite different for the California artist.

Excuses I made for you, Trying to fix a heart I didn’t bruise, I could be good for you, You only love me when I’m gone“, Solomon sings on a song that allows listeners into a personal, troubled relationship. The tracks gets so personal, the artist even incorporates an phone exchange with his former flame, which allows the piece to become something much more than your typical pop track.

“The bridge part of the song when I’m talking on a phone, it’s actually from when my ex kept texting me one night when I was out with my friends”, he says. “I was so proud to tell him I was moving back to California. I was drunk. And angry. But mostly, I was hurt and felt defeated.”

Swim No More” is just evidence of Solomon growing as a well-rounded, unique artist. As said before, the new single is definitely a special, yet personal moment for the talented artist. As the lead offering from his upcoming Le Garcon EP, Solomon is showcasing his talent for songwriting, producing and courage to share emotional heartache. Try not to be moved.

Take a look at the official lyric video below!