Every so often, a truly, one of a kind pop newcomer emerges on the music scene. They have an unmistakable aura about them, and their music forges an instant connection with listeners. Your intuition immediately tells you they have star potential. In 2013, it was Lorde who had us woke, similarly in 2015, the music world became enraptured with Billie Eilish. Get ready for LA-born singer-songwriter and Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes) protégé, Willa Amai to impact, 2021. This sixteen-year-old has the kind of presence, which reminds me of a 1990s Tori Amos. Beguiling, enchanting, exquisite vocals and with songcraft skills to match.

Through 2020 her breathtaking and thoughtful cover of 4 Non Blondes mentor Linda Perry’s seminal track “What’s Up?.” Together with excellent recent single “Unorganized Crime” have Willa on a fast-track to stardom, (I feel sure of it.) EQ Music Blog Premiere – Today Willa shares a seasonal holiday song “December.” A wintry offering, sung with beautiful vulnerability and thankfully without a sleigh bell in sight.

While the track is as far removed as it could be from being a party song you’d blast out at, end of year meet-ups. It does exude the Christmas tear-jerker feelings that are usually associated with the John Lewis (department store) festive campaigns. Which if you live in the UK will know this ad campaign has inherently become a traditional, part of the build-up to Christmas. In the same way, as Christmas pudding is served with brandy sauce at the festive dinner table.

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Willa shares,

December” is a Christmas song with a melancholy mood that battles with the acceptance of loneliness and remembrance in a time of joy and love. It’s about learning to be okay with yourself and with being alone, and finding happiness in who you already are.”

The delicate stripped back song details feelings of loneliness at being separated from loved ones at Christmas time. How it is at this time of the year, especially when we pause and reflect on the important things around us. In a performance which tugs at the heartstrings, Willa eloquently sings about a relationship which hasn’t worked out, sharing the hopes that she had and the experiences she learned from it. “I learned to love with you, my friend, I’ll learn to love myself again. I’ll learn to love the world when I’m alone. Alone with my song.” she poignantly sings.

Owing to her tender years, Willa Amai could easily be seen as the girl next door. But yet, because of her insane music talent is one of the most exciting singer-songwriters emerging at the moment.

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