This makes me a happy boy. The video for “Everything Has Changed” by Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran has dropped and is one of my favorite tracks from “Red”.

The track is very underrated, not a fan favorite (as far as I’ve seen in many Taylor’s fan boards) and was not receiving the love I wish it should have gotten before the single release. But maybe the video will change the fan’s perspective.

Here is what I think about the song and video:

“Everything Has Changed” is all about meeting someone new; after the first date, having that “I want to know this guy better” thought in your head all day and hoping that the feeling is mutual. Was the feeling delivered on the video? Absolutely. What a better way than having two kids doing so. It makes you wonder if they will ever be together (or will be stuck in friend zone! HA!).

And the hot question – Ed and Taylor? I don’t think there is anything going on.

But that killer eye contact in the last scene reads: LOVE all over.


I would have truly liked to see more of Taylor and Ed together in the video (making out having an ice cream or whatever). I mean, the video ended and I was already done eating my nails waiting for a better Taylor-Ed moment to happen. And it was SO short. But this doesn’t make it a bad video, it’s cute and I am somewhat satisfied.

Are you? watch the video and let us know on the comments below!