Can I just tell you, I fucking hate going to the gym – and really, that’s not a good thing whatsover.  As a card-carrying gay man, I do consider it to be one of my downfalls in not being able to live up to the cliche.  Every time I’m on that treadmill, I keep thinking there are a million and one other things I could be doing.  I’m one of those people that initiates eye rolls whenever I walk into my local fitness center and the thought of people watching me exercise, well it makes me wanna curl up into a little teeny ball and hide.

So a few weeks ago, I get an introduction to Cherie Lily and I’m thinking “What the hell is this?”.  Dance infused house music combined with fitness fun – um whatevs.  Is this some Jersey Shore joke or something?  But there I am, cleaning the loft and dusting off my superhero action figure collection when Cherie Lily’s “Werk” randomly starts playing on the Apple TV.  I found myself dancing around like a loon.  Nothing has made me move like that since 2 Unlimited used to make me sweat on the dancefloor freshman year in the clubs.  So then I thought – I wonder if this works in the gym as well and let me tell you…doing 20 minutes on the treadmill with Cherie Lily as your soundtrack makes it go by a hell of a lot faster. 

I know I’ll never have abs like “The Situation”…but at least there is a house music Wonder Woman out now named Cherie Lily to help make my mundane gym visits just a tiny bit more rainbow bright. With Cherie Lily in my life, I now know who to turn to after the overstuffing of the holidays…