everybody wants some

Hey everyone, it’s Raj here. I’m at SXSW in Austin, Texas and for the first time ever, we are doing a FILM review. Yes, EQ Music is now covering film and TV and from occasion, we’ll be bringing you our thoughts on what we think you’ll like in the world of moving images and sound.

Don’t worry, music is still the main focus of EQ, but we hope you’ll enjoy our movie picks and our unique vantage point of what’s hot in the world of film and television.

So if you’re a fan of movies like ‘Reality Bites’, the genius dialogue and romanticism of the ‘Before Sunrise’ trilogy and the thoughtful and deeply fascinating look at growing up in way of ‘Boyhood’, then Richard Linklater’s new comedy ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ might definitely be for you.

Set in the 80’s with a suberb rock soundtrack, ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ boasts an impressive young hollywood cast starring Blake Jenner (‘Supergirl’, ‘Glee’), Tyler Hoechlin (‘Teen Wolf’) and Glen Powell (‘Scream Queens’). Whilst some might look at this film as just another stoner movie full of pot jokes, boob talk and can crushing, ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ is more of a thoughtful take on 80’s college life that dares to break the stereotype of what randy young men on a college baseball team might be viewed as.

Yes, the references to pot, sex and male bravado all underpin the main narrative of the story, but what is unexpected of this film is the witty, engaging dialogue that the group of testosterone-driven young men deliver whilst navigating themselves through some very different situations in the days leading up to the dreaded first day of class.

The humor in this movie comes from the unexpected surroundings the boys find themselves in and their realisation of the beauty that’s found in places like a local punk rock festival and playing dress-up in a campus alternative party brimming with fairies and S&M to an Alice in Wonderland tea-party.

If you like a good indie film that will make you laugh, keep you engaged and let’s face it, serves up some male eye-candy in short shorts, then go check out ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’. For me, it was a must-see at SXSW and I can easily see why they chose the Richard Linklater flick as the opening film festival premiere.

You’ll laugh and definitely have a grin on your face throughout the whole film…

‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ is scheduled to be released next month in April.