Thunder and LIGHTNING! Eurovision has just gotten EXCITING!

This might be the call to the weakest Eurovision entrants to pull out now. You know who they are! It is official that we here at EQ Music have declared Eurovision 2017 to be heading to Russia. To those who have been following EQ Music for a number of years, when Sergey Lazarev drops anything, we stop everything to pay attention. Today is one of those days! Sergey has just dropped his pop BANGER and purely stunning video for his Eurovision entry ‘You Are the Only One’.

Co-staring Miss Russia 2015 Vladislava Evtushenko, ‘You Are the Only One’ has everything that makes a Eurovision winner. Taking a cue from last year’s winner Måns Zelmerlöw, Sergey takes the digital production up to untouchable levels. Each visual sucks you into the positive, upbeat, pop track that connects you straight to the heart of what it is like to be completely infatuated with your loved one. It’s almost as if the movie Tron has had a child with a love deep love story. With a rich electro melody and a kiss of orchestral hints mixed in, the love song has been reinvented.

The end of the video gives a little touch of how Michael Jackson ended the long version of ‘Black or White’ before it transitions into the “controversial” panther scenes. Pulling away to show the production set. It’s safe to say that ‘You Are the Only One’ is innovative, striking, and completely the Sergey Lazarev we here at EQ Music have come know and love.

We are beyond excited to see Sergey Lazarev get the world stage he deserves! Sadly, we’ll have to wait awhile to see how each of these visuals are incorporated on the Eurovision stage.

Stay tuned to EQ Music for more Eurovision 2016 coverage!