Walking on water is an act that tends to conjure up a lot of prophetic imagery. Now, we’re not in the business of talking religion. However, we’re in the business of talking music. For Malta’s entrant in the 2016 Eurovision contest, Ira Losco, she might have that power to lift herself straight to the crown with her single ‘Walk on Water.’

As soon as I saw Sergey Lazarev was joining the 2016 contest, I thought he’d have a clear path to victory. Then I got a taste of Ira Losco’s ‘Walk on Water.’ Words were instantly eaten. This is the 2nd time that Ira Losco has represented her country on the big stage. Her first go at the crown was in 2002 ultimately finishing up in 2nd place. Her credentials back up that strong finish as well too. To date, she has performed in over 15 countries to crowds ranging from 1,000 to 80,000. Performed alongside artists such as Elton John, Maroon 5, Ronan Keating, and Bob Geldof. Also, she has more than 20 music awards to her name. Those are strong credentials, but on May 10th – 14th nothing matters except one song.

The pop gods have blessed Malta with a very strong track this year. Ira Losco’s ‘Walk on Water’ is a balance between classic pop love songs with a dance infusion.  I can’t help but note how her intro vibrato sounds quite similar to Celine Dion. Don’t freak out when you first hear it, because you’re not going to get that dated Celine sound. ‘Walk on Water’ covers all those emotions of invincibility when you fall in love. You can smile, you can dance, and you are on top of the world.  Enhancing that feeling of euphoria that love brings is a revival-like choral background. Just those little subtle touches to a song can bring a special element to make a simple love song a strong contender. Though, a strong song can make the world of difference when it comes to Eurovision, but we all know that it takes one hell of a performance to win. We get that little taste of what could be coming with the accompanying video.

Through the seascapes and beautiful poetic dancing by the leading male, you’re sucked right into a love story straight out of the movies. When a video is shot in this kind of quality it feels quite inappropriate to just watch it on the computer screen alone. There may not be a technology available to the common-man that would showcase ‘Walk on Water’ to its fullest potential. It’s that lovely.

Will a lovely showcase allow Malta’s Ira Losco to ‘Walk on Water’ to the finish, or will she sink like a rock?

Stay tuned on May 10th when she takes the Eurovision stage!