Oh Australia. Not an official European country, but in their second year of competing in the illustrious Eurovision Song Contest. They have really showed an entire continent that they have what it takes to take the crown.

When I found out that Dami Im was representing the Aussies this year, colour me shocked. I had no idea who she was but I heard a voice that struck me straight to the core. She may have been Australia’s best kept secret…until now. There are not many female pop vocalists who can pull that kind of tone and give that strong of an emotion without artificial enhancements.

When it comes to Dami Im, she is an artist who was going to keep it simple but quite elegant. “Sound Of Silence” was just that entry.  (My first thoughts were captured when she released the official video last month) The X Factor Australia winner brought A rich piano ballad like breakup song that tore straight to your heart. She let the song shine incredibly well with an equally elegant performance.

Taking the stage, the Korean born, Aussie entrant sat atop a glowing almost star studded pedestal in a gown that looks straight off the fashion runways of Paris or Milan. So shiny and beautiful! As she sung you could feel the deep loneliness portrayed throughout the song then, a Matrix style hologram appears in front of her. She begun to interact with it as she sung the line “I tried to feel your love through Face Time.” Quite fitting as a 21st century reference. Who knows, will we remember what in the world face time is in 20 years? Okay, enough of potential jokes. Towards the end of the song, she emerges off her grand pedestal to come closer to the crowd and camera. You get a real look at what a true artist is made of.

How in the world could a performance so crisp and so passionate ultimately finish second? As of 17 May, Eurovision did announce that Australia was the ultimate majority vote getter from the juries. We may have to start questioning the new voting system. Though, if we here at EQ have anything to say about it, this won’t be the last time you hear about the songstress from down under.