By Mandy Rogers

The French in Eurovision really have had a bit of a chequered past haven’t they! A bit like us Brits actually! Only they do seem to at least, for the most-part reach middle-table status by the time they’ve powered through their Eurovision final performance.

Of this year’s Big 5, France in the stage presence of former dental surgeon cum singer Amir (he’s a former French ‘The Voice’ contestant) made for a roof raising impact with his gloriously upbeat entry “J’ai Cherché” and actually to my mind before the contest got underway I was already firmly of the opinion that this would prove to be one of France’s strongest entries for years.

I wasn’t proved wrong in that assumption, as Amir, all positively beaming smile and cheery cheekbones and all, really entered into the true spirit of the occasion by engaging the world audience into happy mode like we were putty in his hands. Let’s be honest we were!

France are most known for singing in their native tongue, but Amir saw fit to go for a compromise and change-up to singing the chorus in English, thus making his performance more universally united. Something that on the night overall winners Ukraine, might have been more wise to consider an option. Instead of singing their entry from what I’ve since learned was Turkish I believe. The effect of singing segments in English after the win was all well and good and it did make the song a touch more palatable, only by a whisker!

France and Amir were the outright winners on this account on the night though! From the moment the band struck up a chord you could just feel the electricity of its superior infectiousness seep through millions of TV screens and a whole load of Eurovision parties at home really take off to another level, with people hastily rolling up rugs and kicking off their shoes to suitably cut loose.

Euphoria indeed! As Amir so rightly sang, “giving you love with my song, like a melody of my song, you’re the one that’s making me strong” – A final placing of 6th in the competition was so thoroughly deserved.