On Saturday’s Eurovision finals, I was introduced to what could be my latest obsession. Lithuania’s Donny Montell.

Now, first off I had never heard of this guy before in my life. How can you keep a secret from the rest of the world like that? Come to find out this wasn’t his first Eurovision performance as in 2012, he took the stage in Azerbaijan ultimately placing 14th. A couple years later and a couple years wiser, he returned to the Eurovision stage with his track “I’ve Been Waiting Fro This Night”.

For a song declaring great admiration for his significant other, this was not a typical love song. With love songs you quickly jump into that ballad category. For Donny, it’s all about taking the rich passion he has and giving you his soul on stage. What I saw was very similar to that of a Justin Timberlake product. That is by no means a slam. I have seen Justin live two times and would love to see him again. With that similar energy there was a production of a little dance in every step. A sense of freedom overtook the performance. He looked in his own element. Keeping it very simple with staging allowing his feet to really do a lot of the talking with a Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” style light up floor as he danced across. he showcased his true essence. The very uplifting element “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” brought to the Stockholm stage was not only just a love song, but reminded me of a double meaning. It was his second chance to capture the crown. He was waiting four long years to do it again. Just look at the fact he landed that flip not once, but twice. That could have gone down in Eurovision history as bad news, but when they have the skills like that. They’ll nail it every time. #THATFACE

Ultimately out doing his prior finish by 5 places. Maybe, third time is a charm? How about it Lithuania? He wants a third chance!

I know I’ll be waiting for that night to hear Donny Montell again!

Check out the official video for “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night”