There is nothing more lovely when someone uses their talent for the greater good. The boys of Denmark’s Eurovision entrants Lighthouse X (Lighthouse Ten) are not just your typical boy band. Together they formed with the promise to dedicate themselves to help those who face challenges in their lives by donating a portion of the band’s profits to each member’s special charity. You could say that Lighthouse X is the living embodiment of their song that they have readied for Stockholm called ‘Soldiers of Love.’

Now, these aren’t guys who just got together to change the world. Each member of Lighthouse X (Søren Bregendal, Johannes Nymark, Martin Skriver) have well over 30 years combined experience in the singing and acting departments.

With their single ‘Soldiers of Love,’ Lighthouse X brings a very classic boy band sound to the competition. A gentle Take That-esque pop sound carries the track’s heavier meaning straight to our hearts. The song feels classic with a melody carried by piano and guitar. Could a nostalgic 90s sound stand out? It’s very relaxed sound brings back a lot of memories for a survivor of the 90s boy band wars. Especially with a heartfelt driven track…

There’s two ways you can actually look at the track. There is the obvious, let’s get over a bad hurdle in a relationship meaning. Then there is a side to it that if you understand the background of the band makes so much sense. Why are we closing our eyes when we could be helping the world together? From a personal stance, it’s nice to see a band that understands the power they have in the spotlight. They’re leading by example in order to make a difference in the world.

Will these Soldiers of love be ready for the battle on the big stage 12 May? Stay tuned!