OK – maybe that headline was a little much.  But take a look at the follow-up to Esser's brilliant single "Headlock" called "Satisfied".  Frustrated Esser can't please his lady at all – poor guy.  In the end she decides to eat him.  Nice!  As Nelly Furtado would say – "She's a maneater".

I have to say, following Arjan's lovely coverage of Esser, I am more and more interested in him.  It's hard not to compare him to Beck, so I will – and that's not a bad thing.  To be able to intertwine unusual beats, unique vocals and songs that please the pop-loving ear isn't an easy job at all.  Esser does it well.  

Esser is also playing a few shows in London with Lykke Li at the end of the month.  Now there is a show that I can't miss.  Off to find tickets now.

More Esser here and here but in the meantime, enjoy the video to "Satisfied" in HQ which is released this coming Monday.