Shareen - Light Cover

The dynamic dance pop of New York newcomer Shareen was brought to our attention last year with introduction coming via the vibrant effort of “Fire” (set this world).

At this point of return Shareen reconvenes and builds upon her initial debut tracks with the launch of her first EP “Light”.

Key to the signature sound and traits behind Shareen’s ideology of pop making, the “Light EP” is formulated with realism and relatable topics bound together by a feel good factor firmly anchored at its core.

Diversing through urban, funk, hip-hop and electronic strengths, the “Light EP” also carries with it mainstream pop sensibilities.

From the EP we gravitate towards a few words in regards to the upcoming single “Escape”.

Mid-tempo in it’s approach “Escape” flourishes into a progression of anthem pop power whilst looped with old skool beats. Moreover though, the charm of “Escape” is derived from the quirky outlook of delivering the tracks relatable message of the need for personal space from within a relationship.

Shareen say’s it as it is sometimes for all of us; To quote from the lyrics “I need an escape, cos you’re getting on my nerves today, somebody help me get away, tell your friends to come get you, cos I need a break from you today”.

I’ll admit that the message is really quite direct, but Shareen has the capabilities to turn it out cute and endearing.

Listen to a stream of the “Light EPHERE