Has it really been 21 years since the release of Erasure's pivotal album "The Innocents" ?!

That was one of the first cds I ever owned, thanks to Columbia House and their 12 cds for a penny deal or something like that!  That cd though, was one of my prized possesions way back in the day.

Erasure are celebrating the 21st anniversary of "The Innocents" by releasing a special "Phantom Bride EP" on CD and download on October 12th which will feature remixes from the
multi-million selling album as well as additinal remixes from
Frankmusik, Vince Clarke and Plastic Operator

Erasure would like to give EQ readers the Frankmusik "Ghostly Groom Dub" of "Phantom Bride" as a free download and a little taster of what's to come from the EP once it hit's digital outlets.  How very cool eh?.  It's kinda ironic too if you think about the influence that Erasure must have had on Frankmusik too – do you see where I'm headed?  I bet Frankmusik was stoked to get the call that he was remixing Erasure!

I think I will dust off my copy of "The Innocents" too and give it a proper spin again.  I mean "Chans Of Love" and "A Little Respect" are just pop gold now aren't they!

Thank you Erasure – you brought up buttless chaps and wild camp.  Legends you truly are.