Check out the brand new music video from SIRPAUL called "Give It Up" which is making it's worldwide debut right here on EQ.  SIRPAUL is one of my favorite new electrnoic pop acts that I've been following for awhile, so I'm just thrilled to be debuting his new video today for all of you. 

We caught up with the video director Anastasis and invited him to comment on the video and this what he had to say about the visual creation and working with SIRPAUL on the video:

"Give It Up" instantly provoked me. Lyrics like ‘electronic chemistry’ and ‘future of communication’ inspired me to create an installation of images surrounding communication through internet and electronic frequency. I use Michael Angelo's infamous hands as my visual. It organically all came together once I had SIRPAUL in front of the camera. Using old and new TVs and shooting through static feedback we achieved a great texture that compliments the song perfectly.”