Rihanna ttt

By Javi Lopez

I know this is so last week but TO ME is so THIS WEEK because I just watched it so you will deal with it. *flips hair*

What I was going to talk about? YES, you are right – Rihanna's Where Have you Been is the 3rd single (As i predicted) for Talk That Talk and I can't be any happier since it's one of my favorites off the album.

The video is all what you can ask for: fun choreography, hot shirtless men, Rihanna slaying the damn video with her beauty,and the bonus: they are GYPSIES. I really liked the Gypsies thing since it matches perfect with Rihanna (Don't ask me why..) and the choreography when the sick beats drops? oh gurls, you just can't handle it (or at least I can't.)

Where Have You Been should do something for this era since You Da Flop couldn't. We just have to wait, Navy. You know what else is this era needs? it needs some CAKE to blow every club in the face of earth.

All I can ask for with this single is some promo, so please Rihanna stop Instagram-ing, partying and tipping streepers at clubs and get yo pretty butt back to work.

You can watch Where Have You Been video below