Scarlet Soho 39_sml
By Jordan Meehan

Scarlet Soho are getting ready to release their new EP When The Lights Go Out on May 18th, and we've just had an early listen the other day. Having laid low for most of 2011, When The Lights Go Out will be their first release since their 2009 album Warpaint. The new EP consists of 3 new songs and has one incredible sound to it. The lead single and title track has a very retro sound, similar to that of Duran Duran (it's quite Rio-esque). The entire EP has a very 80s pop/electronica vibe to it that is impossible to dislike, with musical stylings similar to Depeche Mode and, to an extent, modern day rock band Muse. When The Lights Go Out is an ecclectic mix of sounds bursting with personality and retro flair. You won't want to miss this EP. You can watch the video for When The Lights Go Out below.

In addition to hearing the new EP, I had a chance to see Scarlet Soho live in London at Hoxton Underbelly on Tuesday and what a show it was! It was a small venue with only about 30-40 people, but with Scarlet Soho's delightfully brash and vibrant sound and James Knights' powerhouse vocals, which sound quite similar to Matthew Bellamy's, the small show felt like a huge packed arena. Scarlet Soho will be touring around Europe for much of the summer and will be returning to the UK on June 9th for Alresford Festival.