By Javi Lopez

Looking for good Swedish bands? Videos with cakes, stuffed animals, random kids setting airplanes on fire? OK, you are in the right place and in the right time – MOMOFOKO just released a new video for their single 'We Know' and is everything I said and more.

Airplanes, cakes, stuffed animals and dollhouses has been blown up, 28 actors, 23 scenes and 14 locations have been filmed, giving birth to an incredible vintage-ish video; 'We know' is a fine piece of pop-synths and funky guitars loaded with heavy beats. I think we can categorize it as indie-disco-dream-pop-electroniasdkldhalhaf. ANYWAYS. It's so breathtakingly amazing, it have kept me moving though the whole video. 

Want more from MOMOFOKO? you can visit their page here and download their album 'Momoism', which was released on April 27th, clicking the button below.

What are you waiting for to love We Know by MOMOFOKO? the video is one click away. EQ aproves.

Momoism - Momofoko