Me and My Drummer

By Mandy Rogers

Feeding our eclectic palate with stark minimalistic beats, we delight in introducing, German duo Charlotte Brandi and Matze Pröllochs who form Me and My Drummer.

The Berlin based pairing are set to bring their brand off-kilter pop to the UK shortly and take to tantalising our senses, exploring an alternative slice of life on UK debut single “You’re A Runner”. Twisting up their pop and stripping it down to a percussive root base, exposing singer Charlotte’s tenderly placed yet edgy vocals to gripping effect, within a barren sound yard of jagged piped melancholy.

This stirring offering from Me and My Drummer definitely serves to add themselves amongst the prime of expressive sparse glitch pop from the likes of it’s flag waving representatives in Florence and The Machine, or Bat For Lashes

Whilst, the accompanying video mulls along nonchalantly and doesn’t really take off until it breaks into it’s propulsive Kate BushRunning Up That Hill” orgasm at the 2:50 mark and then it’s all, smash, crash and generally flour bomb exciting.