by Raj Rudolph

I do love Christina Aguilera.

Every time I hear my friends on Twitter making fat jokes about her and pitting her against Britney well, I cringe because – the bitch is real. Her voice alone puts any current pop diva to shame. The only problem Christina has had is with her image and an insatiable need to remind everyone she’s a pop star. But when you got REAL talent like she does, it really shouldn’t matter – she doesn’t need to compete.

When I first watched “Your Body” I was like, “hello, she is trying to be all Nicki Minaj” here but y’know – fuck it. It’s a fun music video, she came like a smurf and smaked a bitch up until he exploded with glitter. That and she’s on trend right now with killing her boyfriends and all that.

“Your Body” though is incredible. She can hit those notes, she can wail. She slays.

She’s Christina Fucking Aguilera and well – I’m a fan.

Your Body - Single - Christina Aguilera