Nick Otronic

By Mandy Rogers

Holla – call up to the house EQ’s!

No it’s not French, Dutch, English or even Italian!  We are about to be whisked off to Bremen, Germany in the company of DJ-ing producer Nick Otronic and his rather glamorous musical consort Lara Croft. Who we have to say, appears to have scrubbed up nicely since the raiding of all those tombs! We jest of course, but basically do so, in lieu of any facts about this particular Lara Croft, other than she’s also from Bremen and is studying musical singing at the European Music Academy.

OK, so we’re not about to be taken to the chicest of night spots, it’s all rather low budget in Nick Otronic’s basement, but please don’t dip out on the night out, as there’s lots of girlie togetherness, pillow fights and some almost girl on girl snogs to look out for! oh and the music, we mustn’t forget to mention that must we!  Well “You Like It (Uoh Oh)” is totally and ashamedly Euro dance floor banging – HOLLA! Indeed!