By Mandy Rogers

Anjulie’s latest tune is so Kylielicious!

The Toronto born and L.A. raised pop singer scores a strike
of gold with producer Benny Benassi on release of “You And I”.

As the acoustically melodic guitar strummed intro gives way
to the soaring disco pumped synths, the combination of Anjulie’s light and
frothy vocals and Benny’s superb electronic tech production culminates in an
anthem to befit an Aussie disco pop Queen.

As an in-demand songwriter herself, penning hits for
Nicki Minaj and Fefe Dobson, surely a massive Anjulie cross-over hit to this side of
the pond is well over due, but if international fame is to come knocking
sometime soon, “You And I” would be an ideal club stomper to ship over by way
of introduce.

Let’s go on the run with Anjulie now as she invites us to
view her smoochy time playfulness with her dashing beau.  Ooo eeerrr Mrs what a carry on! she’s made
peeping Tom’s out of all of us, but are we complaining……. errr no, perhaps we
might be admitting a little jealousy though…… maybe ………

You and I - Single - Anjulie