Willy Moon

By Mandy Rogers

Well look who slunk into EQ, it’s the slicker than slick
Willy Moon.

The retro suave kid who loves to bash out a bluesy soul tune
and turn it out as neatly pressed as his suited style.

Everybody go ooooooooo to the sound of the radio,
oooooooooo, to the sound of the beat” and everybody go, nah, nah – nah, nah,
nah …..nah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!”

Oh you all know how it goes anyway, you’ll all have seen it
pop up and infiltrate your T.V. viewing on the iTunes commercial.

So here’s the full hip swaying and precision strutting
chorus line production on it.

Yeah Yeah - Single - Willy Moon

How about a plump, bass pimped and house savvy, boom ting to
throw upon your ipod for FREE. A1 Bassline delivers this along with the soul
funk brother Willy Moon doing this smooth crooning thing.