Shanay Holmes

By Mandy Rogers

Woo look at this mama almost busting out of her bustier and
busting out the urban pop all fine and Beyonce-a-like. 

Mz foxy here is star of West End Theatre Shanay Holmes who’s
thrillered the London crowds with her curls, curves and voluptuously Sasha
fierce velvety vocals.

Time to take some time out from treading the boards to
shamone and take that sensational smoking urban talent through to an extended
listening audience, who once awakened to it, are hot damn gonna be bowed down
in awesomeness to it.   

Shanay delivers an empowering debut “Worth The Wait”, filled
from tune to toe with slinky smooth and R ‘n’ B pop ripeness.

In keeping with her commanding performance and together with
the strong and sexy theme to the track. Shanay enlists “Got To Dance” finalists
as back-up to her curvaceously alluring choreograph.