Polyamorous mirror approved 4x6 crop 2

By Mandy Rogers

After dropping their synth funky Scissor Sister in homage track with us yesterday, together with it’s supreme brace of suitably coutured remixes from Bright Light Bright Light, Ghosting Season and Enjoyed. The Polyamorous husband and wife duo are back with us already dangling their trippy acid disco video interpretation before our eyes.

Total kick back in time here, we’re talking the 70’s / 80’s turnaround.  As the tape cassette deck gets loaded onto the boombox, jump on the nostalgia trip! Transporation is either taking us back to ye good ole days of “Top Of The Pops” and reminder of it’s showing of early pioneering video effects or we’re zooming in on the footage through a kaleidoscope. Take your pick both fit.

Should you be watching it by chance on an ipod like I was, it definitely brings the kid out in you, and I couldn’t curb in mine, as it compelled me to frantically shake my ipod in an effort to see what other swirly psychedelic patterns I could make.  Well thank you Polyamorous Affair for the toy story trip down memory lane, I now have a huge urge to go up to the loft and root out my spirograph too!

Whoever Controls the Groove - Single - The Polyamorous Affair