Zack Knight

By Mandy Rogers

Formerly known as Zee Kay and now known as Zack Knight. The budding popstar popped up on my discovery radar a short time back when he was giving out a mighty fine pumping club stompering tune and carrying off a groomed look both impressionistic of Taio Cruz on buzz single “All Over Again”.

However, as much as I champion originality over cookie cutter pop, Zack slipped through on merit for his pretty damn on point encapsulation of the whole sound and visually accurate package.

Having caught my attention, I felt that there was enough that was promising and good coming from Zack and that the next step might possibly be something worthy to listen out for and hopefully bring out the fullness of what Zack Knight is to be about.

Queuing up now for a late summer release is follow-up track “Who I Am”.

It’s out with the clubbing dance pop and in with the BIG POP spectacular performance of anthem swaying, ballad epicness. “Who I Am” goes some way forward to show off the true talent of Zack Knight that was cluttered a little previously with the clubbing party glitter.

The video this time around too, is all about Zack and goes out to deliver a reflective representation of staying true to himself.

Big pop crooning suits Zack I think and I’d be blissed out actually, to be hearing more of it from him.