Mandy Rogers

it up!, Turn it up!, Turn it up!  here’s
a big juicy club stomper from Michael Woods that’s bending my brain sideways in

the DJ dynamo of remixing and reinvention calls upon his own original trusty
archives to throw new light and add new dimension to former dub doused house
number “No Access”.

potential of the phat sub-base trembling original carries such scope, ripe for
exploration and imaginative re-work attention, to turn this into a future
classic club staple.  

re-named track introduces the multi-talented triple threat Ester Dean as
vocalist, as she sweeps her pen aside from writing hits for the likes of Rihanna
and Beyonce to take centre stage on this tasty club cut.  Ester powers her way through the trance
work-up on the track, to command her finest RiRi performance. If you weren’t in
the know it was Ester stylin it, you would be forgiven for assuming it was
Barbadian pop Queen Rihanna, although in places it travels back to 2001 and
gives a me a strong sense of Nadia Ali on iiO’s iconic club staple “Rapture”.

of bend in the dubby beats is complimented by the fittest of flexibilty in the video by Team GB’s Olympic
Gymnastic Team

in club sound and olympic motion.