Janina Gavankar

By Mandy Rogers

To our TV screens Janina Gavankar is more readily
associated with her shapeshifting role as School Tutor Luna on True Blood or as
Papi in the L Word, However Janina accomplishes as an all rounder and is a well
heeled, classically trained vocalist, instrumentalist, sound engineer and tech
guru also. That’s a lot of career to be putting under one belt but you know
what, Janina thrives with an eclectic mix of creativity.

There is nothing so culturally diverse as the mix that has
gone into Janina’s latest track “Waiting For Godot”.  The elemental infusion here straddles cultures and genres, dance
music, dubstep and ambient-pop. This intriguing sensory explosion is
beautifully presented by its exquisitely celestially refined chemistry that is
experimentally driven and captivating of an audience. Not only that, this is
not a tumbled together mash, it is an incredible well thought out and planned
production to be proud of.

It takes the creative energy of artists like Imogen Heap and
Ellie Goulding and raises it to a higher interplanetary plain of excellence.

Waiting for Godot - Single - Janina Gavankar