By Mandy Rogers

If you have your finger on the pulse and your ear to the
ground on all things girl band, then you might have already heard a rumble of
excitement rippling around concerning M.O

Nadine, Annie and Frankee (That’s Frankee from what was once
Mini Viva) have had a chorus of gaggling popstar glitterati salivating praise
over them already for a re-work they perked up of Monica and Brandy’sThe Boy is
” they collaborated  upon with Lady Leshurr.

So M.O ‘s arrival proper is announced with a sassy fierce
urban pop jam in “Wait Your Turn” and it’s rather bump ‘n’ grind-a-licious it
has to be said.

Whilst shooting off a twist upon the average girl band
offerings, M.O are going in slicker than the average, fiercer than the average
and anything but average.

The bass and vocals on “Wait Your Turn” are so way
addictively smokin’ they’ll have your smoke alarm’s ringing in a trice. It’s
so damn HOT in this EQTV slot.

Wait Your Turn - Single - M.O.