T.MILLSVANSON - Press shot

by Raj Rudolph

Rising star T. Mills is making a UK invasion and in the spirit of Professor Green and Mike Posner, the bedroom laptop maestro looks poised and ready to make quite an impression with his debut EP "Leaving Home". 

In all honesty, most of us at EQ are not even that turned on by hip hop that much, but there is a great pop sensibility about what T. Mills does that makes us perk up and pay attention – it's got that summer love feel about it that reminds me a lot of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince whom are even referenced in the track.

Check out debut video for "Vans On" – in a crude sort of way it's about making nasty sweet love in your sneakers Jersey Shore smush room style, but in a brilliant sort of way it sets the tone for being one of this summer's most-played sundrenched beach anthems. 

File T.Mills right next to the new dance/pop greats like Far East Movement and LMFAO.

Vans On - Single - T. Mills