By Mandy Rogers

Whatever your feelings about dubstep wobble prince Skrillex,
there’s no denying that he courts some of the dopest amaze female company in
pop. Whilst he may have scored as Ellie Goulding’s current Prince charming, on
the beat-side he’s embroiled in a match made in dub-rap bass dropping intensity
with L.A. rap starlet Sirah, formerly featuring alongside the said master
crafter on his bass blasting chart domineering thumper “Bangarang”.

Spotlight turns to new talent Sirah as she releases a toone
of whopping massiveness in “Up & Down”. 

Sincerely, addicted to the drops on this, the melodious rap
delivery on this, and pretty much everything about this. And Sirah is just one fly, baby doll of adorability and
talent, that beckons some real major recognition in the future.  

Up & Down” forms part of Sirah’s impressive introductory
mixtape “C.U.L.T Too Young To Die” which is available for FREE DOWNLOAD
through Bandcamp.