By Mandy Rogers

It’s almost a year gone since PNAU the pride of Australia’s electronic music scene, gave us our first glimpses in, on fourth studio album “Soft Universe” by thrusting at us their mighty juggernaut of an electro dance anthem “The Truth” and follow up hearty pop single “Solid Ground”.

Third strike from this now widely anticipated worldwide album release, set to be with us here early next year. The renowned dance pop outfit take a colourful sound thread out of PNAU’s Nick Littlemore’s successful spin-off project Empire Of The Sun by toasting with us a rousing sonic anthem, strewn by a theme of romantic heart wrenching torment over a long distanced love affair.

Whereas, some artists take the low budget kop-out route on the performance video, creative forces PNAU of course, turn theirs into an art form of elegant beauty, feeding our eyes with romantically pleasant hues, tastefully inter-cut with moments of visual expression of tortured emotions. Driving home the power behind the lyrics.

Not only do the kind folks of PNAU lay upon us a visual delight, but also they generously offer out an extra treat by sharing out a gorgeous disco house charged remix from the talented esteemed hands of Vulture Music imprints Kris Menace.  Yours for keeps below, by clicking on the arrow.

PNAU – Unite Us – Kris Menace Remix by Ministry of Sound