By Mandy Rogers

I don’t know about being RAW so much, but I do know about being ROAR and
one of Sweden’s latest girl things have it!  These spunky sirens pick up the reigns where my fave girl duo in ages Oh
left off.

As both by trade choreographers and dancers, Celina Rydén
and Ida Warg have taken the plunge to diversify into the world of pop music and
I think they are pretty much calling it with their ultra sassy tune “U Sexy

Even though these spicy ladies are more accustomed to
styling dance routines they throw it all aside for this new project and just go
all out fun on the video. That means you’ll view them making shapes in their
stockings and negligee’s, throwing a bath tub party completed by some hot male
totty, just so they can toy around with them.

Bravo RAW beauties, you’ve got it sussed, as it should be.
I’m so enamoured with this I’m now going to be singing this song from now to
the other side Christmas! 

U Sexy Wo-Ho - Single (Single) - RAW