I heard about this song a few weeks ago when Darren Hayes was waxing fantastic about it on Twitter.  To be honest, I didn't quite connect with the song initially, but after seeing the music video – it's magic sorta unfolded for me.  Maybe it had something to do with Alicia's special abilities ala "Heroes" in this video or the stunning black leather jacket she is rocking – but for me it's a classic case of the visual that opened my ears to the song's beauty.

There is no denying that Alicia Keys is talented and if only a few of the songs on her new album "The Element Of Freedom" are half this good – then it's certainly an album that I'll be buying.  I have to say too, I really enjoyed her "down-to-earth" performance on X-Factor – she's the kind of musician that you want to succeed and go further because of her respectable demeanor and general pleasantness. 

Random fact:  Aside from having a current hit in the UK with "Doesn't Mean Anything", Alicia is currently sitting at the number one spot in Spain with this duet called "Looking For Paradise" with Alejandro Sanz…betcha didn't know that…

Anyways – enjoy "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart"